Synctuition Review: Is this Meditation App Worth It?

What is Synctuition?

Synctuition is a meditation app that serves as a mind spa for mental and physical wellness and stress relief to help you achieve calmness, relaxation, and better sleep.

To explain the name, the app seeks to help people improve their gift of intuition by providing the brain two tones of slightly different frequencies which it then synchronizes, creating a binaural beat.

Since your intuition affects your decision-making, life choices, and relationships, improving this ability will help you have more control over the quality of your life, and, hence, your happiness.

What about binaural beats?

Binaural beats are claimed to produce the same mental state you would get from successfully performing traditional meditation. But, these beats help you replicate the effects quicker. [1]

Thus, it helps you:

  • Minimize anxiety
  • Enhance focus and concentration
  • Alleviate or lower stress levels
  • Cultivate a positive outlook
  • Stimulate creativity
  • Manage physical pain

Each track uses binaural sounds and 3D sound technology to give the brain some sort of entertainment.

This “entertainment” of the brain puts you in a relaxed, mindful, and peaceful state — all of which are indicators of a successful meditation session.

What makes Synctuition different?

All the multi-layered soundscapes you hear in the entire Synctuition catalog are entirely original and exclusive to the app.

This means they were created and recorded from scratch by skilled producers, musicians, and sound engineers.

In fact, it took 10 years of development and recording in 1200 locations to give you the most incredible sound journeys.

In the Synctuition app, you’ll find sixty 25-minute long audio tracks to listen to. And, the claim is that listening to one Synctuition track equals 4 hours of deep meditation.

So, what are the benefits of Synctuition?

The app helps you experience a deep meditative state quicker.

In this fast-paced world, finding inner peace can be difficult. The Synctuition app allows you to have that without intruding too much on your other responsibilities.

As opposed to other apps that function more as a meditation guide that incorporate long voiceovers, Synctuition, by design, transports you into another world instantly with very little instruction.

How does it work?

First and foremost, I strongly recommend that you use headphones when you’re going to use the app.

Since the sounds contain binaural beats and 3D sounds, you won’t achieve the desired effects and experience without using headphones.

Bi means two, and bi is in binaural. Hence, you will hear two sounds — one on each ear — with each one having a slightly different frequency from the other.

Your brain will then harmonize these frequencies, and, as mentioned before, allows you to be in the same mental state you would achieve from ritualistic meditation.

Who should use Synctuition?

It is best used by people who are constantly bombarded with work that end up carrying that amped-up energy and anxiety home.

This is for people who usually live fast-paced and can’t seem to wind down.

Also, it is for individuals that have limited time for rest and relaxation but are required to stay awake and alert on the job.

Anybody who wants to be calmer, more focused, and more productive can benefit from using the Synctuition app.

App Review:

Interface and Accessibility

The interface of the app is neat and simple. It mixes well with the purpose of the Synctuition app itself.

It does not bombard you with numerous buttons to press. So, accessing the soundtracks is easy.

And, one thing I liked is that the app unlocks only one track every twelve hours. Thus, it forces you, in a good way, to tune in to that track, with its theme and purpose, and help you absorb all that positive and calm energy.

Hence, none of the content that you’ll potentially buy in the app will be wasted.

We’ve all tried saving up to a thousand songs in our music library but only end up listening to a handful of them. Can you relate?

The app helps you avoid that from happening, and, thus, not fully utilizing all the effort and benefits that come with the Synctuition app.

It shows how much the developers value what they have created and how eager they are to share these life-changing, meditation audio-visual tracks.

Other Features

Aside from the main products which are the binaural recordings, you can also access a library of blogs meant to enhance your physical and mental well-being.

Thus, the Synctuition app lets you approach “caring for your health” holistically — mind and body.

The blogs are divided into categories like intuition, health and fitness, sleep, success in business, love & hate, and more.

You can also customize your journey in the app by recording your voice. Then, it mixes your voices into the tracks and personalizes every track.

This is a great feature since it adds the element of the self, and, more specifically, self-affirmation into the meditation process.

Lastly, there is your user profile where you can see your statistics and personal history.

This lets you track your progress like how many minutes you spend in a day meditating, how many days of meditation you have missed, and your most played track.

Being aware of these stats will help you set and achieve goals regarding your daily meditation sessions.


The Synctuition app is compatible with iOS and Android devices. Thus, downloading and saving it onto any smartphone should not be a problem.

Problems Encountered

Some reviews complain about being suckered into a monthly subscription that automatically debits the monthly or yearly rates from their accounts even though they opted for the free or 7-day trial version.

Is the premium version of Synctuition worth the money?

With the premium version, you get:

  • Unlimited free Journeys
  • A growing number of levels (the developers are constantly uploading new soundscapes)
  • Over 20 hours of deep relaxation
  • Downloading all the Journeys for offline listening

However, the answer to the question above is wholly up to you, the user.

It depends on how frequently you meditate, how much you use it, and, most importantly, how much it will improve your state of mind.

Then again, you can only get your answer once you start using it.

So, I suggest you download the free and trial versions of the Synctuition app and find out if the premium upgrade is worth it.

Similar Applications / alternatives + their Differences


This app serves as a guide that gives you insights on how to relax, meditate, and achieve mindfulness. It helps you focus on breathing, remaining calm, and staying in that state for as long as you can.

Headspace instructs you on how to achieve life-changing meditation skills for great rest and better sleep. It will help you train your mind and, inevitably, your body to be happier and healthier with just 5-10 minutes of everyday use.


Calm is one of the leading apps on both iOs and Android applications when it comes to, well, meditation and relaxation.

In the app, you’ll find guided meditations, breathing instructions, and sleep stories that will help lower your anxiety, stress, and help you achieve better sleep.

It also contains a lot of relaxing music you can listen to while working, studying, and pretty much anything where you need focus and concentration. This app will help you get into your flow state.

It differs from other apps because it offers meditation sessions at different lengths. Thus, meditating would be easier to fit into your schedule no matter how busy you are.


This app focuses on relieving mental health problems such as anxiety and depression, more than helping you enter a deep meditative state.

It provides you with meditation, mindfulness, and relaxation tools created by psychologists such as audio lessons and thinking activities.

Pacifica helps you break the cycle of negative thought that produces unwanted effects on both the mind and the body.

In it, you will also gain access to deep breathing, positive visualization, and self-affirmation exercises. It also allows you to track your mood, record your thoughts, and do daily challenges, thus, giving you feedback and helping you work on yourself better.

Here’s what users think of Synctuition:

“I have started using Synctuition every evening after my workout as part of my relaxation routine and I gotta say that, once you get used to it, it is simply mindblowing. At first, it was a bit weird, as the binaural beats and gamma waves really give your brain a workout and, like any muscle, it takes time to get it working to its full potential. Now I wake up feeling more rested than ever before and my energy and happiness levels have skyrocketed. I am amazed at how quickly Synctuition became a habit I can’t do without. The 25 minutes I spend listening to it every day leave me feeling like I can take on the world!”

– Eliott Hulse (Strength and Conditioning Coach, YouTuber – Strength Camp)

“It’s a great app. The sounds and music are at a level far superior to other products available. The level of the recorded sounds is extraordinary. However, some of the sounds are distracting and some of the music along with the singer can make the tracks feel endless and hard to relax into. But overall, the scope of what Synctuition brings to the table is remarkable. (..) [H]arsher noisy elements are in the journeys such as the animal sounds, stick banging and clanging, voices talking, loud crunching sounds, etc. Those sounds are disruptive.”

  • Apple App Store Review

Bottom Line

We do so many things to keep our bodies fit such as buying healthy food and going to the gym; seldomly do we take the initiative to make sure our brain is in great shape.

Remember that mental health is also part of your overall health and well-being. So, it’s always worth investing in taking care of your mental health.

Synctuition is a great app for taking care of and improving your mental health through meditation. Every session will leave you with better insights, or sharper intuitions — just an overall improved clarity of mind.

The amount of effort the developers put into the app is reflected in the high quality of each soundscape. And, to think there is about 1500 minutes worth of it on the app is astounding.

With all things being said, the Synctuition app is worth the try, or even the purchase.

So, do you think Synctuition would perfectly fit your self-care routine?


1 – Is the Synctuition app free?

The Synctuition app can be downloaded for free on Android and iOS phones. You can also try the 7-day trial of their premium version.

To upgrade to premium, you can opt to pay a monthly, yearly, or lifetime fee priced at $16, $8, and $399, respectively.

2 – Who owns Synctuition?

Michael Burich is the co-founder and COO of Synctuition. He has about 15 years of experience as an entrepreneur in different industries such as visual media and hospitality.

3 – Is Calm better than Headspace?

The answer will be unique to each user.

To answer the question, let’s use the aspect of meditation length for busier individuals: Calm’s shortest meditation length is 10 minutes, while Headspace has one-minute videos.

Thus, the latter is better for people with packed schedules.

4 – Can you pay for Synctuition monthly?

Yes, you can. A monthly subscription on Synctuition costs $15.99. 

5 – How do I cancel my Synctuition membership?

To cancel your subscription, go to the Apple App Store or Google Playstore on your phone. 

Then, go to the settings page, look for and select “Subscriptions”.

Afterward, tap on the Synctuition app to cancel your subscription. Make sure to click on the confirm button.

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