Should You Drink Your Mass Gainer Even During Rest Days?

The first time I purchased a mass gainer for my bulking diet, I also had no idea if you had to drink it during your rest days. In this post, I shed some light on this age-old question so you can reap the best mass-building results from your weight gain shake.

If your goal is to transform your skinny physique into a muscular one, you need to achieve a caloric surplus EVERY SINGLE DAY – and that includes your rest days. You have to keep in mind that muscle growth only takes place whenever you are at rest – and not while you are pumping iron in the gym.

Mass gainers are ideally consumed right after working out. But in this post, I’ll show you why it is also beneficial for you to drink your weight gain shake even during your off days.

Drinking Mass Gainers During Rest Days: Necessary or A Waste of Time?

The basic principle behind successfully gaining weight is to consume more calories than what your body burns off. By hitting a caloric surplus every day, you enjoy a steady path towards gaining weight. 

Your body typically burns more calories during training days than on rest days. But that doesn’t mean that you have to skimp on eating calorie-dense or protein-rich foods on off days.

Muscles rebuild and repair during rest days, so it makes perfect sense to keep them nourished with nutrients during those times.

Together with well-rounded meals, drinking a mass gainer on your rest day keeps your body well-supplied with calories for putting on weight. It also gives your muscles protein for speeding up growth, repair, and regeneration. 

So go ahead, fix up that weight gain shake while you take your day off from the gym!

Rest day from the gym

What Happens If You Don’t Eat Enough During Rest Days?

Not consuming enough calories on your rest day can slow down your mass-building progress, big time! Without any form of nourishment, your body ends up slowly breaking down your existing muscle tissue into fuel – destroying your hard-earned muscle gains in no time.

Just keep in mind that a mass gainer shake should never be treated as a meal replacement. Just use it for giving you added calories on top of your daily meals and snacks. 

When are the Best Times to Drink Your Mass Gainer?

Weight gain shakes are best consumed immediately after working out. This is the moment when your muscles are ready to absorb the most nutrients from your mass gainer. 

Some people also drink their weight gain shake early in the morning with breakfast to quickly nourish the body after a full night of sleep. If your mass gainer contains slow-digesting carbs and protein, drinking it before bedtime is also a good idea. This ensures that your muscles are in a non-stop growth and recovery mode while you are asleep.

Imad Deryan

My name is Imad, and I struggled to gain mass in the past due to my metabolism and being very skinny. In this blog, I share the best reviews and advice when it comes to gaining weight and mass, for all the people that are struggling like I was.

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